Saturday, April 13, 2013

RaidCall EMS One CS:Go Finals -- Player PoV in RaidCall!

EMS One CS:Go Finals -- 
Player PoV, Interview, Prize Giveaway, All Exclusive in RaidCall!

April 13th 11:00 CEST, the 1st match of EMS One CS:GO finals will kick off. On the following 2 days, the 8 world’s best teams will fight for the 1st championship of EMS One.

Besides amazing matches, we will bring you other attractive events via RaidCall such as First Person PoV (Player PoV).

In general, viewers can only watch the stream by OB PoV (3rd Person PoV). But this time, you are able to view the whole match by player’s PoV (First Person PoV), which means you can hear the communication of whole team, their strategy and you can follow the camera of player’s point of view. Meanwhile, the staff will randomly rotate the PoV from player to player. So you won’t feel boring! 

During the two days, there will also have Q&A and prize giveaways in RaidCall. If you have any question about CS, about your favorite team or you want to try your luck, you can not miss the event on weekend!

Remind: PoV, Event and Giveaway are exclusive in RaidCall Group 1997.

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