Tuesday, July 16, 2013

RaidCall Improves User Profiles

A couple of days ago, RaidCall released its latest update, V7.22, that significantly decreases voice latency, making voice chat in RaidCall more enjoyable. And today RaidCall is announcing another step by further enhancing security measurements on official website, which includes improvements in the area of user profile, user e-mail address verification and passwords.

Most of the idea for the respective changes came directly from original intention on user’s convenience. Therefore, RaidCall has recently made quite a few changes.

Before, users can only change their passwords through registered emails. Now there will be two ways for them to reset passwords: sending changing passwords information to the registered email and answering security question. It provides more choices for users to change the passwords with no need to login the registered email.
For the Security Question part, RaidCall users are able to change their password via answering the Security Question set before, which makes the changing password process fast and easy. In order to protect the account well, RaidCall users should make the answer memorable to themselves but hard for others to guess.

With improved user profile, it is easy for RaidCall users to verify their registered email with a simple click on the links sent to their email box. With the accurate email information, RaidCall users are free to change their passwords.
RaidCall users welcome the improvement on User-profile Section. RaidCall’s development always roots in the convenience for their users. And this action proves its confidence in providing the users a more convenient product.

More information about the new User-profile Section is at http://www.raidcall.com/user/login.

Monday, July 15, 2013

RaidCall Shares User Testimonials

RaidCall, a leading social voice communication tool, has recently released a number of user testimonials to its users, to help them use RaidCall more efficiently.

In one of recent releases, a casual League of Legends player called ‘NorthKing’ described that his ‘winning ratio in League of Legends in random matching mode skyrocketed’ after relying on RaidCall, as a communication tool.

‘NorthKing’ continued to praise the technical features ‘Unlike other communication tools, RaidCall is flawlessly functional out of the box. I didn’t have to host a server, nor did I have to adjust anything to improve the voice quality or latency. It worked amazingly simple and flawless. I have tried numerous tools and except a few exceptions, all other tools either require a good computer with a good internet connection, or you had to pay for a reliable server; something which is hard to realize for casual gamers. But with RaidCall you have everything right on spot. No server, no extra costs and a lot of enjoyable users. […]’

About RaidCall: 
RaidCall is a free specifically designed group communication tool, with extremely low-latency and crystal clear voice quality, and thus perfectly optimized for competitive gaming, club activities or online chats with friends. RaidCall is also a pioneer on the global E-Sports market sponsoring some of the greatest organizations and tournaments, such as the Electronic Sports League (ESL) and Evil Geniuses from North America (EG).

RaidCall Announces New Partnership with Russian Game: Demon Slayer

RaidCall, a specifically designed free group communication tool, with low latency and crystal clear voice quality optimized for online games, officially announced its cooperation with popular browser Russian game Demon Slayer.

Two months ago, RaidCall announced its partnership with two gaming titles, Everlight and Serenia Fantasy, which allowed users to exchange RaidCall credits for virtual in-game gifts. Riding on the success of the recent partnership, RaidCall is announcing another new partnership with Russian game, Demon Slayer.

To celebrate the official release of Demon Slayer, RaidCall sat down with the game publisher and Russian’s top 4 popular game websites – GameGuru, Goha, Stopgames and GMbox - organizing a Roulette Event with Big Prizes and a 100% winning chance. Prizes include iPhone 5, iPad, PC Peripheral, valuable in-game items and etc. In order to attend this event, existing RaidCall users do not need to sign up as users will be able to use their original accounts to play Demon Slayer.

Additionally, RaidCall introduced new technical improvements. For the first time, RaidCall’s badge, currency and personal information were integrated with the event and the games. Furthermore, RaidCall’s back-end system will easily read the feedback from the spin of Roulette and character information, and then automatically issue corresponding rewards to users without delay.

During the event, all users can earn bonus chances to spin by finishing the daily quest - RaidCall Credit Exchange. Quest will allow users to get 3 more chances per day by consuming RaidCall’s Credit Point. Meanwhile, the event is promoted by Russian famous social gaming medias GameGuru, Goha, Stopgames and GMbox. Over the past week, the event went completely successful with over 50,000 users joined and the Roulette was span over 140,000 times in total.

For more information about Roulette Event: http://item.koramgame.com/ru_demon/lucky/index.php
For RaidCall Client: http://www.raidcall.com

About Demon Slayer
Demon Slayer is a Strategy Hybrid MMORPG released by Proficient City Ltd. The game features three unique classes, multi-player dungeons, PvP arena, competitive battlegrounds and thousand-player boss battles.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

RaidCall Holds EMS One Dota 2 Finals Summer Voting Event with Turtle and CM

RaidCall and Turtle Entertainment, along with its new partner CoolerMaster announce a popularity vote-event during the final of the summer season, where fans will cheer for their favorite team.

As part of the recently launched RaidCall EMS One Finals Summer Season, RaidCall, Turtle Entertainment and its newest partner CoolerMaster announce the “Who is the most popular team” event during the final of the summer season.

The voting event, particularly designed for EMS One fans, who have RaidCall accounts, will be held on July 13th and 14th. There are 8 teams listed on the website: mousesports, Flip.Sid3 Tactics, iNfernity, Imaginary Gaming, rat in the dark, Quantic Gaming, Fnatic and Evil Geniuses. They will be fighting for the prestigious title, as well as $35,000 in prize money.

During the event, anyone with a valid RaidCall account is eligible to vote for their favorite teams. And RaidCall will automatically award him a special Team Badge on the respective RaidCall account. Furthermore, lucky voters will be rewarded with mystery prizes sponsored by CoolerMaster. However, one account is only allowed for one precious vote. Thus everyone has the same chance to win mystery prizes.

To satisfy the curiosity of numerous EMS One fans, ESL will reveal the result of which team gets the most vote on the website after tournament finishes.

For more information about Voting Event: http://www.raidcall.com/page/emsonedota2/
For RaidCall Client: http://www.raidcall.com

Badge is one of the identity in RaidCall, it will display at the end of user’s name when he enters a RaidCall group or display in user’s personal profile. Anyone in the group or any friends of him will see the badge.

RaidCall Launches Official Russian Facebook

A few days ago, RaidCall, a group communication solution for users, especially online gamers looking to utilize effective teamwork, started a new Facebook page in Russian, to improve interactions with its Russian user base.

RaidCall’s recent rapid growth came with a downside, as some user-groups were unable to take part in activities due to a language barrier. And in order to address these types of problems, RaidCall has expanded its global marketing efforts by setting up regional social media channels.
Along with official news, the new Facebook page will offer game news and related videos, especially those collected to meet Russian-speaking users’ preferences on its Russian Facebook page.
Being attentive to Russian-speaking regions’ customs, RaidCall will organize a series of official events to tempt current RaidCall Russian users to attend, as well attract new users looking for an efficient way of group communication and a homelike social network community.
In the near future, RaidCall will launch a series of online events tailored for Russian-speaking users, along with a newly-developed event-managing system, which will automatize the whole prize-collecting and sharing process.
In short, the release of RaidCall Russian page on Facebook is an important step of RaidCall’s serial efforts to reach out to users all over the globe with geographically-optimized contents.

“I appreciate the Russian RaidCall page on Facebook a lot, it’s fun, unique, convenient, and most importantly, it’s Russian.” said Alexander, a Russian RaidCall user.
For more information about RaidCall Russian Facebook, please visit http://www.facebook.com/raidcallru

Saturday, April 13, 2013

RaidCall EMS One CS:Go Finals -- Player PoV in RaidCall!

EMS One CS:Go Finals -- 
Player PoV, Interview, Prize Giveaway, All Exclusive in RaidCall!

April 13th 11:00 CEST, the 1st match of EMS One CS:GO finals will kick off. On the following 2 days, the 8 world’s best teams will fight for the 1st championship of EMS One.

Besides amazing matches, we will bring you other attractive events via RaidCall such as First Person PoV (Player PoV).

In general, viewers can only watch the stream by OB PoV (3rd Person PoV). But this time, you are able to view the whole match by player’s PoV (First Person PoV), which means you can hear the communication of whole team, their strategy and you can follow the camera of player’s point of view. Meanwhile, the staff will randomly rotate the PoV from player to player. So you won’t feel boring! 

During the two days, there will also have Q&A and prize giveaways in RaidCall. If you have any question about CS, about your favorite team or you want to try your luck, you can not miss the event on weekend!

Remind: PoV, Event and Giveaway are exclusive in RaidCall Group 1997.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

RaidCall LoL Championship Series Announces the Launch of Streaming Group: 527

RaidCall, a free VoIP tool for group communication that allows users to chat with other people in RaidCall groups, announces the launch of a new streaming group: 527.

 RaidCall new streaming group 527 has been working eagerly to provide better streaming experience and now users are able to enjoy most favorite Twitch.TV streams or YouTube videos with friends, while making full use of RaidCall functions, such as group voice chat, votes or even organizing giveaways.
RaidCall also entered several partnerships with e-sports organizations such as Evil Geniuses allowing users to hang around with the world’s most famous gamers. Naeng, an avid RaidCaller, described his RaidCall experience, as follows:
“Different from watching streams from Twitch directly, we can watch and discuss something with same boat people from different countries, and also can participate in some interesting events hosted by group admins such as giveaways or voting for MVP, which can bring you a different feeling of attending tournament scenes.”
Today, RaidCall is happy to inform users that a new channel has been setup on RaidCall for all passionate League of Legends gamers, where they can keep up with the latest streams around the ‘Championship Series’.
Download RaidCall at http://www.raidcall.com, and join Group: 527 to enjoy the official matches streaming in 4 different languages (English, Spanish, French and Polish). All these streams are officially run by Riot Games, meaning users will have the ultimate League of Legends experience within a few clicks.

For active streamers, do not hesitate to contact the organization to establish partnership. Email: sophia.chu(at)kunlun-inc(dot)com. RaidCall is happy to provide interesting and high quality streaming groups to users.