Tuesday, July 16, 2013

RaidCall Improves User Profiles

A couple of days ago, RaidCall released its latest update, V7.22, that significantly decreases voice latency, making voice chat in RaidCall more enjoyable. And today RaidCall is announcing another step by further enhancing security measurements on official website, which includes improvements in the area of user profile, user e-mail address verification and passwords.

Most of the idea for the respective changes came directly from original intention on user’s convenience. Therefore, RaidCall has recently made quite a few changes.

Before, users can only change their passwords through registered emails. Now there will be two ways for them to reset passwords: sending changing passwords information to the registered email and answering security question. It provides more choices for users to change the passwords with no need to login the registered email.
For the Security Question part, RaidCall users are able to change their password via answering the Security Question set before, which makes the changing password process fast and easy. In order to protect the account well, RaidCall users should make the answer memorable to themselves but hard for others to guess.

With improved user profile, it is easy for RaidCall users to verify their registered email with a simple click on the links sent to their email box. With the accurate email information, RaidCall users are free to change their passwords.
RaidCall users welcome the improvement on User-profile Section. RaidCall’s development always roots in the convenience for their users. And this action proves its confidence in providing the users a more convenient product.

More information about the new User-profile Section is at http://www.raidcall.com/user/login.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the improvements ;)
    But... I don't understand why "You cannot change your email once it is verified."
    I wish we could simply change it and verify again.